Imagery is my life and life is something beautiful

Painting stirs the soul and wakes the imagination.

About Cherry

I started painting and drawing before I was 5 years old. My grandfather showed me how to draw a basic flower bouquet and  a simple house in perspective. After that, there was no stopping me.

I never could quite understand how it was that not all people saw the world as I did. Color and composition came naturally to me. However I had no formal training other than senior high school for a year or two, it was just something I did without thinking, as natural as breathing.

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Painting Workshops

Painting Workshops in Florida

Cherry often runs Painting Workshops for small groups who would like to learn the art of painting with pastels and how to achieve the best on the various painting surfaces. Painting workshops are relaxing and enjoyable whilst exploring the artist within. Contact Cherry to arrange a workshop in the Florida area, special deals available for Villages residents.

Painting Workshops  may be all day or part of a day every so often, Cherry will arrange a workshop for a weekend in an idyllic location. Minimum of 5 persons on each painting workshop.

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